We're seeking driven individuals to join the Ground Crew.

Pioneer aviation with us.

Why Join the Ground Crew?

A warehouse.

Core Values

• Achieve your magnum opus - your great work.
• We are a team, but more importantly a family.
• Sacrificial love, from the top to the the bottom.

A person working on a circuit board.


We're working with advanced hardware and software to invent the driving technologies of a changing world.

A warehouse.

Health & Work

Work that brings you life, and a life that brings you back to work. The space and freedom to have a balance.

Perks and Benefits

A picture of the Lowell City Airport at sunset.

A Flying Community

We started Orb Aerospace because we had a passion for flying. Eventually through democratizing aviation, our objective is to extend the freedom of flight to even the poorest among us. For now, we extend that opportunity to our community through supporting our employees pilots licenses.

SJX flying in front of an American flag.

Your Talents at Face Value

"Your work product is your responsibility" Our hiring process focuses on talents, passion, and experience rather than degrees and certifications. We take peoples work products at face value, and hire predominantly based on project portfolios of all kinds, even personal.

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A Liberating Approach

Our team consists of people who, given the freedom, are capable of much more than we could ever ask. Our system is one of mutual accountability from the CEO to the Janitor (which happens to be the same person).

Join the Ground Crew

If you've been looking for to push the envelope and be surrounded by those with a common goal of developing aviation technology in a creative and selfless way, then you've come to the right place.

Chief Fabricator (Composite)

Lowell, MI

• The Chief Fabricator will get to work with a small, intelligent and creative R&D team on the future of aviation. The Chief Fabricator needs to have an incredibly deep understanding of almost all composites, epoxy systems, and mold making techniques.


Electrical Engineer/Programmer

Lowell, MI

• Must know hard hardware and software equally well, able to conceptualize and prototype using a variety of tools and work as a project manager with other organizations.

• Must be a self motivated engineer with a creative vision and passion for aviation.


Digital Artist and Marketing

Lowell, MI

• A digital Artist to join the founding team at Orb Aerospace, must be multifaceted and proficient in Blender/Maya/CAD but also eager to learn or proficient in CSS/Web design.

• We will evaluate candidates based on a portfolio of prior work.


Open Application

Lowell, MI

We're always seeking new members to join our team. If you'd love to work at Orb Aerospace but we don't have a position that fits your skill set, send us an email with your information.


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Have any questions or concerns? Drop us a line or send us an old fashioned email and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.
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