Building a Better Plane

We began developing SJX by addressing the single greatest limiting factor in electric mobility:

Energy density. If you couple revolutionary fuel cells, with novel airframe and proprietary propulsion technology, the result is an aircraft that fits in you garage, can land anywhere, and travel five times further than a helicopter for a fraction of the price.

Orb Aero has the agility and vision to develop fundamentally different core technologies that bring electric aerospace from a novelty, into a vehicle with real utility. This is not an aviation problem, this is not a mobility problem, this is a complacency problem.

And a counter-complacent attitude is something we have in abundance at Orb Aerospace.

Go where the need is most.

We began research with a radical idea: If we could design an aircraft that navigates the jungles of Papua New Guinea and revolutionizes military logistics on the front lines, it would vastly out-perform its rivals among the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

SJX is the only EVTOL with the utility to operate in harsh, desolate environments with no road infrastructure and very little mobility. Unsurprisingly this is where our technology is needed most. Deploying in developing nations is more than just an altruistic application of our technology, it's an excellent business model for emerging transportation technology fulfilling both our altruistic vision, and propelling Orb Aerospace to commercial certification.

  1. Use urgent needs to drive adoption.
  2. Prove the technology while serving others.
  3. Translate a proven, refined product into higher risk applications.

But we won't stop there, we're committed to re-iterating our technology and running a guerilla brand awareness campaign with race planes, cargo variants, and other special projects across the country for millions of new fans. Because at the end of the day:

Don't just build it. Fly the damn thing. -Dick Rutan