Aviation Reimagined

Designed for Any Application


SJX is engineered with redundant propulsion and flight critical systems to ensure safety by design.

Vertical Take Off

SJX uses a combination of propulsion methods in order to provide high efficiency vertical and horizontal flight.

Modular Wings

The wings of SJX are removable to provide optimized wings for each specific mission and application.

Built for Maximum Utility

1000 NM Range

The unprecedented range of SJX gives it the greatest utility in the most demanding environments.

185 MPH Cruise

Fly further and faster than a helicopter, with no emissions and 1/10th the cost.

500 LB Payload

Configure SJX for different payloads in different applications.

Use Cases

SJX in flight over a tree clearing.

Aid Delivery

Aid, medical transport, and power all in one package. We can serve the underserved, heal the sick, and revitalize economies all through something as simple as an airplane.

SJX with World Championship Air Race livery.

World Championship Air Race

Orb Aerospace is the official eVTOL of the new World Championship Air Race. A global platform, powering a new era in mobility, aerial logistics, and now: air racing.

SJX on an aircraft carrier.

Military Applications

Facility agnostic, mission agnostic, land anywhere do anything versatile and affordable platform. The first Advanced Air Mobility design with Agile Combat Employment in mind, filling a critical capability gap for all branches of DoD.

Building a Better Aircraft


We began research with a radical idea: If we could design an aircraft that navigates the jungles of Papua New Guinea and revolutionizes military logistics on the front lines, it would vastly out-perform its rivals among the skyscrapers of Manhattan.


SJX was designed with safety in mind. Engineered with redundant propulsion, flight systems and a ballistic recovery parachute.


SJX is centered around addressing the single greatest limiting factor in electric aviation: energy density. By coupling revolutionary fuel cells with our novel airframe and proprietary propulsion technology, the result is an aircraft that can fit in your garage, land anywhere, and travel five times further than a helicopter for a fraction of the price.


SJX is the only eVTOL with the ability to operate in desolate environments with minimal infrastructure and little existing mobility. Unsurprisingly, this is where Orb technology is needed most. Utilizing SJX for applications in developing nations is more than just an altruistic use of our technology, it's addressing a vast and untapped market.

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